Rat race

Every one is running, rushing, pushing, zooming by with huge Hummers, huge monster cars oblivious to the sky above, the air they breathe or those little people on the street. The quest for more is never ending, somehow whatever they have is not enough. When is it enough? Do we ever “get there”? Or is it just a long journey of wanting and yearning. Who is in charge? Who is in control of what’s important in your life? Is it you or everyone else? Do you believe in heaven with white floating angels playing harp or 90 something virgins waiting for you. Do you believe in tomorrow…. I don’t. My life is here now. I let the Mickey Mouse beliefs in Disney World.


One thought on “Rat race

  1. I think I’ve felt nearly the same way when a hummer drove past me. It’s amazing how oblivious people are to everything around them. It’s like the most people have to worry about is if they want 2% or skim milk in their coffee.As far as religion : I don’t know where I am. I haven’t been a part of any faith since I was a small child. I sort of went through the whole… new age-y pagan thing when I was a teenager, but that passed when I realized how ridiculous I was being. It all seems like a huge faery tale that everyone decided to buy into… be good or the boogy man will get you… right? ‘eh.Thoughts are proven to change.

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