So I had this dream…

I was with my ex-girl friend cute young sister and we were about to have sex when her boyfriend knocked on the door and came in. He found us naked on the floor spooning. He then mumbled something as he closed the door and left. I could see him through my closed eyes.
Then J* got up and gave me this huge blue condom, I grabbed it and started laughing because this girl had way over estimated my penis size and as I’m about to convey to her this practical information I see her shoving her arm inside another blue giant condom. She was lubricating this inside of the condom with some kind of oil.
-What are you doing? I asked.
She looked at me with a surprised look and explained that it was for the betterment of sex.
I had to tell her that on the contrary, the inside of the condom should stay dry otherwise the sensation is weird because the penis ends up moving inside it and not creating any friction in the vagina…well you had to be there.
Anyway at this point the Austin the cat jumped on my chest because that’s when I woke up.


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