So…If you had a choice between staying in prison with everyone or walk the earth free forever alone, which would you pick?


2 thoughts on “Hummm…

  1. Those are terrible choices… I wouldn’t mind being around a small group of people for an extended amount of time, but everyone?.. I couldn’t take that, and at the same time I wouldn’t want to be by myself forever either.So, I guess I’d have to choose “in prison with everyone”, because there are just a few people that I wouldn’t want to live with out, and it would be worth dealing with ‘everyone’ if I still had them by my side…

  2. It is truely some tough question to be asking, how do u always come up with stuff like that?I would probably choose “prison with everyone” as well, am sure one can make arrangements to have some walls taken down for a view or some fresh air or some walls put up to reduce the contact to everyone except friends a little. But it might be nice to keep meeting people. One can always retrieve to a silent place in ones mind. Me all by myself in the world, would be great for the start, but I would go crazy to have no one to talk to. So prison it is and you JeanJoel would (hopefully) be right there with me.

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