ARt D. party update

The party last night was awesome!!!Loved it! There was a nude model with paint all over her posing as the many artists in the room were doing sketches of her.The art works were great. Ambience wonderful, free beer, wine and food. A lot of happy people hanging together.Thanks to Katia, Aurelie, Virginie and all other friends that attended. I greatly enjoyed your company.I met some interesting people too. I met 2 girls that actually were in Guadeloupe, and they loved it!Dominique and Virginie dance while everyone watched. I wish I had a digital camcorder this way I could post the clip here.Life is good to me…I’m trully blessed.
If you missed this event, you’re not going to want to miss the next one.It’s the grand opening of ArtDimensions in the St. Louis Center on May 13, 2005. I ‘ve seen the place and it looks great! Art everywhere and lot’s of space plus it’s right on Washington Ave.
Well Earthday is around the corner…actually tomorrow. I might play some drums there. I was thinking of doing henna but I don’t have any more paste. Do and I will ride ours bikes. I hope it’s going to be nice. Last year it was cold and rainny.

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