Thugs in Suits

Sooooo I’m walking through a parking lot and I’m stopped by these thugs in suits. They wanted the wallet that I had just found, it was fat with cash. Before I could think, my partner jumped in front of me which allowed me to crawl underneath the brown car to my right. As I’m on the ground I open the wallet and stuff the many wads of $100 bills in my pocket. It wasn’t an easy task but I managed just fine :). I was then on the 3rd floor of our appartment that I couldn’t recognize, you had just finished cleaning and rearanged my room. You left a package on the 3rd to last step of the stairs leading to the kitchen where 2 other people were waiting for me to go out. Before we left I drank half a bottle of brandy. It went down like lemonade and I thought that if the cops pulled me over I’d go staight to jail. A moment later, we were on the side sidewalk in town, it was rainning and grey. We took off our clothes and had sex. No one was around. It would have been a good show.

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