Life is what you make of it….That seems right, right? Actually all you can change is your perception. So, maybe life is the same all the time, without any particular qualities? Then all of us “choses” to see it one way or another.
I was born into this world and when I arrived a great many people had already agreed to see the world in a very specific way. They then tried to convince, no, train me into seeing it their way saying things like: “well, that’s just the way life is” or “That’s just common sense”, etc…. Don’t get me wrong, I had a choice. I could either accept their world and be rewarded or not, and be punished…interesting choice indeed.
So I went along and pretended like everyone else…I guess, and by the time I had enough insight to see all this, I was already trained. Their basic beliefs were ingrained in my identity as an operating system is installed on a computer. I kept trying to delete the softwares & programs that were installed but the operating system stayed unchanged and was flawed….I NEED A NEW SYSTEM!!! or do I.
Actually it is having a system that makes me not see the world as it is. It is having a system that binds me by the rules of others. Is it possible to not have a system? I think yes, but no one wants to make that “choice”. I guess somewhere we still remember the punishment of our younger days?
By dropping the system it would mean to stop depending on others for reassurance, guidance, truth, etc….It would mean walking alone & never knowing where your next step would be.
But it would also mean that you’d discover the world everyday instead of growing old and calcified with the heavyness of your own knowledge and judgements. It would also mean that no one could ever hurt you or emotionally or blackmail you, etc….Life would then be an immense adventure, a mystical movie projected on the screen of your mind with no end in sight.