My birth day

SOoooo it was my birthday on June 9th. 38 years old šŸ˜® I feel like I’m 28 and I act like I’m 12. It’s all good!
I don’t think I could be happier. I wake up when I want to, do a little painting, walk around the park, play video games, pet the cats, eat on South Grand….what else could I wish for.
I have no boss, no uniform, no timecard, aaaaaah, it feels good.

So I went to Denver last week and it was super great! It’s an amazing feeling to be able to sit outside downtown eating a Cali-beni (Eggs benedict with avocado, yumm!), and see the mountain range in between the buildings. That was so cool! There’s a free bus that takes you up and down this mile long shopping district.There’s a HUGE art scene…well, compare to Saint Louis.
We found a really good Italian restaurant that actually cook the pasta al dente unlike our dear friends from The Hill that calls themselves real Italian (yeah, I know, I’m making a lot of friends by writing this šŸ™‚ ). The restaurant has it’s own gelateria. Now that’s Italian. It was delicious, I recommend it. If you’re ever in Denver go to Parisi
On another subject, you guys shouldn’t miss my art show on June 24th from 5pm to 8pm at Gallery M and don’t forget also akachique every second Friday for “Arzy Hour”.

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