Re-incarnation VS Re-distribution

I don’t believe in re-incarnation, I believe in re-distribution.
Re-incarnation: meaning to re-enter the flesh, again… Our flesh is made up of “borrowed” particles such as calcium for bone, water for blood, etc… These particles, when we die, become free from the “glue” that binds them together. They are dispursed into the cosmos and are re-cycled or sent to where ever they are needed at the time. Much the same as a drop or water falling from the clouds finds it way back into the ocean. And I’m not saying that the ocean is the source, it’s just another point in the cycle.
How do I account for past memories of far away places you say?
Well let me tell you :), matter is intelligent and since our bodies are made up of borrowed matter, we, sometimes become aware of its past. Whether it was used to make a rock, or part of a person, or a soil fertilizer.

Reply: so, just the same as the flesh disperses into the atmosphere as you say, so again it can come together to form a new body,.no?… not necessarily human but a new body for the soul to reside in. Matter is neither created nor destroyed, but merely changes form…. I love that scientific theory, it goes perfectly well with reincarnation, or redistribution as you want to call it.


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