My theory on alien abduction

I believe that the brain records everything whether you remember it or not. All sensations that you had since childbirth, and probably before, are stored there.
What struck me about these stories of abduction was the similarity between them. They all see this bright light, they are then probed, tested, etc… by these creature with big eyes.
Well I believe they are just having a flashback about their own birth. If you think about it, at birth, your eyes aren’t very developed so your vision might be blurry, then you are yanked from a warm and dark place into a cold and bright unknown space by these unknown creatures. All you can see are their eyes because the rest of their faces are covered with fabrick. These “aliens” Doctors and nurses manipulate, test, probe, weight, etc… your body.

So between some theory of weird looking creatures probing humans for unknown reasons or having a “flash back” of an actual experience…I’ll stick with the actual experience.That’s my theory and I stick by it šŸ™‚


One thought on “My theory on alien abduction

  1. What a fantastic thought. I had never considered that possibility, but perhaps that is what it comes down to!(This is the secretary at L.H. you gave your url address to this morning).

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