Difference between knowledge & Information

Well, I’ll tell you a little story, when my daughter Kian was about 2 or 3 we were driving thru the loop in U-City and she spotted a crow and yelled: “papa, regarde!” which means:”papa! look!” (we speak French to each other).
I glanced at the bird for half a second and said: “Oh yeah, that’s a crow!” and that was the end of that. A few seconds later I realized that what she was pointing out was this interesting flying flapping black creature in the blue sky that was happening right now but what I was pointing at was the definition I had in my head of what a crow is. ie: a black bird of this size, that lives here, etc….
I realized that I didn’t really look at what was happening now, I was using a past reference that was stored in my memory. I could not see. I would never be able to see this particular crow at this moment ever again. It was happening live šŸ™‚

Knowledge is now. It is not in time. Knowledge is felt, information is thought. Information are bits and pieces of useless data. It’s not useless for material things such as building a road, house, etc….but when it has to do with relationships, emotions, psychological well being then it is not only useless but detrimental (interesting word, detrimental. Detri-mental, detri (destroy) mental (mind).

You can have the information that smoking will hurt and kill your lungs, and still smoke. But when you can’t breathe and have some chest pain or are coughing out bits and pieces of lungs then that’s knowledge. You see? one is an idea, abstract, non personal the other is you.

Reply: I like it. What a great way to view life. Everything changes so fast and we are always using our prejudices and judgements to cloud what we see.


One thought on “Difference between knowledge & Information

  1. I can totally identify with this… For the past few years I’ve been trying to open myself of to experience more, especially with regard to sixth-sense realms, and I find that the whole idea of labelling causes us to miss out on the subtle world that’s everywhere we look, just beyond our normal senses.I recently read an interesting story about a hypnotist who asked this guy who had his daughter with him to come one stage with her. After the performer hypnotized him to not “see” his daughter, the performer held a watch with an engraving in his hand and placed the daughter between himself & the father. He then asked the man to identify what was in his hands, and the father correctly identified the watch and the engraving, despite the fact that his daughter was blocking his direct line of sight. Perhaps it’s not real. I am opening myself up more and more to the possibility that it is. Especially after reading Autobiography of a Yogi, I know that many things are possible. Starting off with the identification of labels is a great 1st step.Thanks for your blog. I enjoy reading your posts, and especially love your paintings.Namaste.

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