Check out this video based on John lennon’s song “Imagine”.
Click on “play video”.
Send me a comment.
Too dark? Not enough? Right on?


4 thoughts on “IMAGINE

  1. Not dark enough. They should have kept to the original John Lennon ‘Imagine’ too.How do you find these obscure things?Thanks for putting a link to it on your blog. 🙂

  2. Yeah! That would sound pretty cool with the original optimistic Lennon song.I don’t know where I found this.I usually float down the internet stream, and stop here and there.Thanks for the comment.

  3. jean joel, this chris, this is from the same band that I had you listen to in class. i also think this is a wonderful video and a beautiful version of the song even though every single person i’ve talked to disagrees. as we understand, there is a balance to this world. us as humans have strived for happiness, peace, freedom, ect…but created what we seen in the video. this video is the same meaning as lennons origianal. but instead how about we look at the flesh of our being. the families in Sudan being slowly killed off in equal porportion to the holocaust. rawanda? buhrma?. all this is happenning while i sit in my flannel pajamas typing away . all the while listening to my daughter in the other room watching wizard of oz. the balancing sends me sick at times. choosing what life to live and how to raise my children in it. that is why i like the video and the band. maybe this makes more sense, at night humble orselves with the same understanding of the hard things happening in the world but to raise our heads in the morning with the same out look as lennon ready to make a change,and understanding why and what to do about it.

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