New years eve

It was great!
I didn’t want to plan anything.
I hate planning. I told Tory and Latchi that I would make it to their party weeks before, and I felt obligated to go.
I hate that, but I had fun.
First, Do and I went to 609, in the Loop, to smoke a hookah. I asked to bartender to add a shot of Sambuca in the water.
They didn’t have coffee drinks, so he brought us 2 french press coffee with a 2 shots of Bailey’s Irish Cream and Kahlua.
I mixed it up, it was delicious!
This was at 6pm, at 7 we went to Tory’s but the door was locked. We rang and he came out of the basement sweating and wearing military pants and a Giraffe mask. They were, undoubtedly having sex.
The party didn’t start until 8pm, he informed us, we left.
We drove to the Boy’s house and chatted for an hour and went back to Tory’s.
We stayed there for about an hour and then proceded to our next stop: Latchi’s.
Her condo is way out there but I’m glad we went.
I love Latchi, and it was great seeing her and her new place.
It was nice seeing everyone else.
It was interesting seeing the horror in Susie eyes when Do tried to shake her hand, but that’s another story.
We left an hour later to go to Perry’s Jacuzzi. No one was there. It was amazing. We chilled outside in the tub for an hour.
I’ll skip the details of what happened there…
We ended up home at 11:58, just enough time to mix the champagne and pineapple juice and climb on the roof to see all the fireworks from downtown, clayton and webster.

2006, here we come.

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