The terms used for the egg in a woman’s uterus after it has been fertilized by a sperm are zygote, blastocyst, embryo or foetus depending on the stage of development.

I find interesting that the term used by people against other people having abortion for this bag of cells is an “unborn child”.

So I guess along the same line of thinking we should call human beings “pre-dead cadavres”?


One thought on “Abortion

  1. So many of those pro-life divas have had abortions themselves. Afterwards, they use the pro-life stance as some sort of proof of their own redemption. “That was the ‘old’ me,” they say. Before they were victims, now they can victimise other women who try to get into planned parenthood. The victim gets the chance to become a bully. Through minipulation of language and information, they seek affirmation of their piety and born-again status by convincing others — regardless of the other person’s circumstance, age or character — not to make the same “mistake.” That’s what I think anyway…Muse

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