I must be strange. I just don’t rely on any labels for my happiness. I couldn’t care less what you thought of me, just as long as we have a great time together. That’s all that matters.
If I really cared about what other people thought, I wouldn’t see any of my friends. They have all done or said something I thought was hurtful, bad, etc…. It just doesn’t matter.
Can you and I make magic when we’re together. That’s all that matters.
No one knows about tomorrow, it’s no use worrying about it.
You know, I want to be wanted like any other person but there’s no way to really know…ever.
So what I’m left with are facts, right now, what you chose to do. If someone “pretends” to be my friend but says stupid stuff about me behind my back, I wouldn’t care. Just as long as we enjoyed ourselves truly when we are together.
Hey, I know some of those sentences where not properly structured. Deal with it!