I truly do.
What a fucking bunch of conniving selfish morons.
I guess I want to vent.
I feel the hatred and rage coming up through my veins all the way up to my head.
I just don’t understand.
I’m happiest away from them.
I feel closer to strangers than I do my own flesh and blood.
What a bunch of fucking idiots.
They can go FUCK themselves!
should I tell them? I wonder.
I think I’ll just what I did before…just stay away.
Life is too short to hang around assholes, especially smelly ones.
I should just move on…
Physically or in my head?
I guess there is no difference.
I’m listening to “god is a dj”
I’m happy. It’s happy music.
My head is bobbing up and down.
Life is good again.
They can just go fuck themselves.
Actually, there is one…yeah but she’s crazy.
Never mind.
I will paint
I will paint
I will paint
large paintings
large paintings
beautiful paintings