Weird dream with flower hands

I saw n’djamena. She was with her new beau.
He looked just like Alain
when he was young.
I went up to them.
It was a group.
I go to kiss her hello. She leans back and gives me her hand. I go to shake it in confusion. They all make weird sounds like making fun of me. Then her beau and her make me place my hand [right hand] palm up, fingers closed, pointing at the sky.
Then they make this weird sound like a river or the wind, some kind of hissing sound.
As they all look at my hand, they make me understand that I should start opening my fingers slowly.
When they’re open, half way open, with a movement that looks like birds drinking out of a lake,
they use their hands with pointed fingers and dip them into my hand like they’re drinking out of it.
Everyone was making a gulp, gulp, gulp sound, and it seemed like they were telling me that this is the new way to say hello, you know…new hand shake?
The end.

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