Another dream

Alain [Fiston] is driving the car. Dominique, Kian and I are in it. We get to a point where there will be traffic. I don’t know this place. It’s completely foreign to me. We take a detour on the left. Kian and I get out to find out, on foot, if there is another way. We get to this peer like building and we walk and walk until we reach somekind of corner.
I can see the water. We’re six story’s up. I hear a gun shot. There is chaos. I grab Kian and get closer to the window. I see the ocean’s surface and I think that if trouble comes into the room, we jump. I can see across to the other window. I see two white men, older. One of them is holding his left shoulder. He’s bleeding from the gun shot. I can see the bleeding hole. He’s holding the gun thought. He looks down and throws the gun into the ocean.

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