Beautiful dream

I go to Alain’s house [Caprice]. It looks like a bungaloo. I walk in and hang around for a while. We’re supposed to go out somewhere, I’m waiting for him to get ready. I walk down the hall where I hear some noise. I go to the window and I look down at this amazing beauty. I’m up 6 storys and right on the shore. I can see the big blue ocean immediately under me and there are HUGE fish just swiming and having fun. When I say HUGE I mean HUGE. I though they were whale but they weren’t mammals. One of them did one quick move of the tail and was miles away. I was in awe in front of this beauty and strength. They almost looked like needle fish but giants.

I tried to look at the mouth of one of them and it looked like a prehistoric fish. I then looked down and I see that it’s a hotel. There are people on the floor below looking down as well. I say “isn’t this beautiful?”. They agree. It was David Wechsler. I walk back and look around at the different rooms in the place. You can tell it was done by a very creative person.

The hotel doesn’ have a beach per say and it’s located somewhere hidden where no one would want to be. There are many rooms in the place. I walk back and Alain is getting dressed. I walk outside because I wanted to take a closer look at the pool. It was huge but there was something odd. In the deeper end of it there was, underwater, a jacuzzi. I just didnn’t understand what a jacuzzi was doing under water. Alain tells my that the owner is a gay man and I say “of course, only a gay man could have so much taste”.

I walk to the shore, there are people swimming and I see so many fish, it was amazing and they were all coming so close to the shore. I had nothing to feed them with so I go back to the place to get some bread or something. N’djamena and her friend [dont’ know] were at the place. On the table I find, bread, cake and boxes and boxes of yellow crystals like they were grown right out of the box. They were all aligned like a tray of wheatgrass, you know?

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful dream

  1. Sometimes I like to stalk old friends I haven’t seen in more than ten years. :)Your paintings look great…Truly.God is love,Tom

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