Cool landings

So the real estate guy is showing me the apartment. The master bed and bath are HUGE. It’s a good start, but there’s a older white dude in the bath and he had his clothes on. We move on to the other bedrooms. The hall way to the next room is so narrow that you’d have to move sideways just to pass through. The worst part it that the bath room was taking most of the space…weird.

Anyway we move on to the balcony. A real nice balcony but there are a couple of openings on the floor like trap doors. The agent tells me that I’d have to leave that space accessible to the bar downstairs because that’s their only access to their stock room. I’m thinking hell no! This isn’t going to work at all…although the balcony is soooo cool.

We move back to the master bedroom and the old dude sits up from the bath, did I mention that he had his shirt on? Anyway, we notice a red spot on his shirt further more he has a bottle of red wine in the bath but he’s drinking it underwater….weird.

Then the airplane is coming for a landing on the beach. I tell my friend: “you’ve got to see what this guy does! It’s soooo cool.” The plane comes around a couple of times and lands right in the water, about 15 feet from the white sand beach. All the sunbathers clap while the captain comes out with a couple of topless girls in each arm holding margaritas. I yell: “Margarita” in my party voice but no one notices and I feel a little embarrassed.

We’re moving right along to what I think is the immigration custom’s line? There is a couple in front of me, they are my friends I think, and a cute girl behind me. We’re all together. I look back at her and she didn’t seem to like me, which is odd (he he) but then I extend my arms around her waist and she immediately returns the favor. She ends up against the wall with me pressing my hips against hers. I’m liking this. Then my friend, in front of me, turns me around to make sure I had a hard on. I mean, it’s as though, if I didn’t, I would get in trouble or something. They let out a smile after seeing my bulging pants…weird.

That’s when I realized I was dreaming.

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