Breakfast…no…dinner in Ottawa

So the little family left and here I am alone in this big big house. We bought all the canvasses, all 12 of them. I think I will start paingting on Monday, if I can wait that long :).
I have 14 days to create 12 paintings…I think I can do it! The wonderful thing is that my whole show is bought.

This is a photo of my dinner. It’s a bowl of organic peaches, kiwis, banana, cereals and soy milk with no sugar added.

I no longer eat sugar, wheat, dairy, fried foods nor do I drink alcohol. Of course I make some exceptions to the rule.
I’ve decided to stay away from any foods that doesn’t have the organic seal of approaval. I can no longer trust the food industry to have my health in mind. Their only concern is the bottom line, money.

I read an interesting article on 7 things you can do to prevent most cancers.

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One thought on “Breakfast…no…dinner in Ottawa

  1. hey… so… not only am I privy to being an exception to the rule of alcohol.. but i am completely in favor of such delectable breakfast choices. even though my particular food slant would disagree with fruits and milk mixed… unless you are eating soy or almond… it really looks pretty…I am really happy your are doing well and it is interesting that i am here and you are not… but i am really glad you were here as long as you were… you are the best!and i am sure you are sick of hearing it:)it looks and sounds like you are having fun

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