So the little family left and here I am alone in this big big house. We bought all the canvasses, all 12 of them. I think I will start paingting on Monday, if I can wait that long :).
I have 14 days to create 12 paintings…I think I can do it! The wonderful thing is that my whole show is bought.

This is a photo of my dinner. It’s a bowl of organic peaches, kiwis, banana, cereals and soy milk with no sugar added.

I no longer eat sugar, wheat, dairy, fried foods nor do I drink alcohol. Of course I make some exceptions to the rule.
I’ve decided to stay away from any foods that doesn’t have the organic seal of approaval. I can no longer trust the food industry to have my health in mind. Their only concern is the bottom line, money.

I read an interesting article on 7 things you can do to prevent most cancers.

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