Mapping what I want.

I can’t believe I’m doing this. Actually I’ve already wrote out the list.

Here are the categories of my life list, hehehe,  Home, Mate, Career, Health. All I need now is to get some photos. I’m thinking about making a poster out of it. I’m so unfocused that if I don’t do that, I’d probably float until I die. My cousin calls me ‘the jellyfish’…

Under home I have the following:

  • highrise loft
  • bright
  • ocean or lake view
  • art studio
  • zen

Under Mate:

  • hippie style
  • healthy
  • soft
  • playful
  • cheerful
  • loving
  • centered
  • stable
  • beautiful


  • art
  • college/university teacher
  • $4000 per month
  • east or west coast and maybe chicago
  • urban
  • fun


  • yoga
  • T.M.
  • balanced
  • light workout
  • sex

Any thoughts? Anyone?

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7 thoughts on “Mapping what I want.

  1. jeanjoel: a good list, some other ideas would be to add under “mate” how you want her to feel about you, i.e. adores you, treasures your body, supports your creative soul, balances your gifts and challenges with her own, etc.

    vision boards are a great thing to have in front of you, to help you to remember what is important to you, since you are already an artist, be sure that your vision board has clarity for you (for me, I not only use images but need to have printed words, because I may interpret the images differently based on how I feel), if it is too open-ended, the Universe may provide these dreams in forms that you did not want, and yet again, they may be better than you ever dreamed.

  2. That’s funny. I made the board as a big image that I have on my computer screen saver.

    Hum…that’s a good idea about describing the mate. I didn’t think about that. I wonder if I ever did :). I guess I’ve always thought in terms of what I didn’t want rather than what I want. I’m also fickle…It’s hard for me to pin down what I want but I think that now, with age, I may be able to do so.

    thanks again Liz.

  3. I see you wrote this 2+ years ago, how’s it working out for you? I’d be interested to see how you have progressed on your journey and how your vision may have changed since you wrote your list.

    1. Ha! Everything changed…in a way.

      I don’t have any of this but I do have the sensation inside of what all of this would have brought me. Does that makes sense?

      I feel complete therefore none of this really matter. If it comes and it fits, I’ll welcome it if it doesn’t I’ll just send it on its way.

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