nude figure

nude figure
nude figure

Ok, this is the 3rd of my charcoal drawings. I guess I have to start on my acrylics for my show that’s in 3 days. lol.

By the way, I love love love drawing the figure. I think I could do the figure in charcoal all day long and everyday.

Anyway, I doubt anyone looks at this blog and if they do never leave a message…how rude! lol


13 thoughts on “nude figure

  1. Beautiful drawings JeanJoel –

    I’m glad you’re in the working mode again making great stuff!

    Long ago I gave up on leaving comments on your blog because they never show up.
    I’m trying again.


  2. chaque fois que je regarde ton dessin, j’éprouve à chaque fois la même émotion, il est très réussi, je ne m’en lasse pas!!

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