really freaky dream

All I remember is that we ( my mom, my cousin Dimitri, his mom(?) I think, and some other people) are walking. We have to get to this place. At one point Dimitri’s mother (but it wasn’t his mother, it was a much older woman) somehow was in this well. My mom leans over to help. The next scene is that we’re approaching my grand parent’s (who are dead in real life) house when I’m wondering where is my mom. They tell me that she fell into the hole. I felt sick as I tried to wrap my head around this idea. We (Dimitri and I) end up at my grand parent’s house when we hear them coming. My grand father, Edmond, meets us and embraces Dimitri first. He always liked him best. I notice as I hug him that Edmond is much taller and more built than he was in life. He looks good, happy and full of life. My grand mother, Merita, is behind him. She looks great too. In life, when she died, her mind was completely gone and was hunched over like Casimodo. Here, she was walking straight and her mind was clear. She was remembering and identifying stuff as if to show us how well she was. They said that it was due to some new medication she was taking. As we’re about to sit at a table, I realize that I have to ‘help’ my mom. I can’t just sit there. I must call the police or better yet the firemen. They need to go down that well, that very deep well, to recover her body. I don’t even know if she’s dead. Oh god, what if she’s not dead. I’m ill just thinking about what she must have felt when she fell. I start panicking. I share this with the others and I say that either way there needs to be a resolution. What do I do with her home and legal life. There needs to be an official document or something. At this point Merita agrees with what happened. “yes, she fell into the book”. What? No, she fell into the hole. I’m thinking Merita is loosing her head again but she insist that she fell into the book, just like Alice in Wonderland.

So, it’s 3:29am and I’m awake. I had to write this vivid and weird dream.

I know that Merita is my great sub conscious and Edmond is my super conscious; that my mom is my sub conscious and that death means change. I’m not sure about the long black hole of a well. I guess part of me died in that hole…

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