So after my freaky dream, I laid down to sleep some more. I went through  my morning thing; hot water, shower, asanas, meditation.

I woke up at 9 in a foul mood. I’m angry, angry, angry. I have rage inside. I can’t believe how much. I really feel like a fool even though I know that no time was wasted…

In a lighter note, David made me realize that I do have options with school. Fontbonne was holding my transcripts against their will because I didn’t pay some parking ticket. Anyway, I’ve paid the $175 and now my transcripts are free! Since I’m only going to take liberal arts classes, I might as well take them at UMSL. I think it’s cheaper there. We’ll see. I’ve sent my transcripts from both institutions to UMSL and I’ve applied, so the ball is in their court.

I’m still angry. I don’t know if I actually have this anger inside or it’s because I woke up ‘wrong’ lol. It happens to me sometimes when I take an after noon nap.

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2 thoughts on “Rage!

  1. anger is a good thing. that means that something is coming up and no longer being suppressed. you can help “it” ex-press out by journaling and of course meditation can offer insights… i have a feeling this some very deep stuff releasing… if you want tools/advice on the subject, let me know. blessings.

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