Native American funeral
Native American funeral

My friend’s grand mother died yesterday so I called her in Guadeloupe. We had a great chat. She said that granma’ was 92 and was tired of not being able to move and do thing on her own. She had to have people bathing and changing her. She just decided to stop eating until she died. She died in a hospital bed.

So I told my friend that I would probably do the same thing were it me in that position but, I told her, if she’s around, to make sure not to leave me in the hospital. I want to die looking at the sunset over the ocean.

4 thoughts on “death…

  1. you better move closer to the ocean, or the view you’ll see will be the Mississippi over a beach of silt… Just sayin’ 🙂

  2. I like your idea and hers much better than continuing to suffer. And i’d prefer to see the ocean but might be grateful just to be left on a grassy hilll under the shade of a tree.

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