Dazed and confused

So I’m supposed to come up with a coherent body of work for school and future galleries. It’s turning out to be more difficult than I thought, not because I don’t have any ideas but because I have too many. The worst part is that the more I explore the more ideas I get. It’s like I’ve just opened Pandora’s box. Maybe it’s time I tell Pandora to close her legs. I think I’ve had enough of her box.
Hum…Pandora. I can see a red head full bush with an ornate sun dress…You SEE! Here I go again. My imagination just doesn’t stop. It goes so fast I hardly have the time to put anything down. By the time I start I’m already somewhere else in my mind. My mind moves like a butterfly. I can’t be bothered to do any of this menial work, I just wanna fly and zig zag through the beautiful flowers of this vast world.


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