Ok, so I’m feeling a lot better about the break up today. I think I may have forgiven her. I expected so much from her and she is so young. I think I was as selfish as she was, in different ways.  I also didn’t want to let go of my anger because I have a tendency to forgive too quickly and easily, and when I do, I do foolish things as get back together…. 😛

It’s perfect timing since today is the first day of Spring. I took my bike out for a ride in the park and that was awesome. I hung out at Mockabes coffee house across the park where I met a couple of people and we just talked for a few hours.

Tonight I’m going to do henna at a ‘Purim’ celebration. I’ll probably post some photos…

I think I’ll spend a little more time here rather than spend it on Facebook.

How interesting  it is that I said: “I’ll spend more time here…” I guess the “I” is my attention? I think therefore I am?


4 thoughts on “Relationship…

  1. Il est évident que tu es, non seulement par tes pensés mais aussi par ton talent. N’oublie pas que si tu fais un saut en Gwada tu seras le bien venu. Cela peut être bien pour se ressourcer 😉 Big fos mon frère.

      1. Je part en métropole du 26 juin au 19 juillet pour le travail. J’espère que tu arrive avant le 26 ou bien que tu parts après le 19…..

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