Cute girl…

So I went to this drawing meeting club thingy at Coffee Cartel and it was fun. I love it when people have different  opinions and are not afraid to share them. Like the French say If we all think alike, no one”s thinking!

But, I did notice on the corner of my eye this really cute girl. She works there. I think I have a thing for nerdy girls… I think they’re hot.

Anyway, here she is. Has any of you seen this show called “Dead Like Me”? She reminds me of the weird little sister. hehehe.

8 thoughts on “Cute girl…

  1. Just curious…, but asking her if you could post her images on your site would be a helluva a way to “break the ice” and start a conversation… Even if she turned you down, it could be a good conversation starter…

  2. I think you did say something to me and I was like ‘What?!… No way’ and, you’re right, I do look like her in these pictures, which I think of as a compliment because Dead Like Me is one of my favorite shows.

    Heh. And all I was doing was looking for news about Cartel…

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