Heavy heart…

I woke up with a heavy heart today.

I tried to fight the tears but then gave up and cried and cried all day.

I just don’t understand why it hurts so, or maybe it’s just me, letting go…

I felt this grief coming, like a giant wave that swept me away, from my stable ground.

There’s nothing I could do, nothing to hold on to.

This wave tumbled me around and around,

and now I feel lost, like a drift wood on a sea shore.


8 thoughts on “Heavy heart…

  1. …Cela arrive parfois, quand les émotions vécues sont trop fortes, trop nombreuses et submergent tout sur leur passage comme un tsunami… en faisant corps avec le sentiment, on l’accepte et il s’estompe ensuite en laissant une trace qui restera dans la mémoire. a toi d’ en extraire l’essence positive… bizzz

  2. Let the sorrow flow till it dries you out. Then once you’ve shed your last tear, you will smile, you will even laugh out loud, you might even say “Wow”.

    Keep your head high, Gemini.

  3. You have to go “through” this…there is no way around it. Life lessons is like that…no shortcuts…

    Try and learn from this experience. Grow. Cherish the gift.

    All driftwood, eventually, “lands”…

  4. Tears are healing and I hope the pain that your feeling today will melt away in time.Take all the time you need my friend, just remember your surrounded by much love from your friends.


  5. My heart goes out to you. I have been avoiding those exact feelings because I am too familiar with this scenario….but you can only ignore those feelings for so long. I have my good days and then I have days where I too feel lost. I guess the only thing we can do is wait for time to heal our wounds.

  6. Thank you guys for your comments. They mean a lot. I also wanted to clarify that I’m not dwelling on the past or looking to feel this way. I just woke up like this today and felt like that and then, I decided to be honest with me and the present and not fight it. I decided not to fight or control any feelings at all. The feelings all came in waves, actually I was very thankful to be able to feel like this. It reached certain parts of my body that I did not know could be felt. I did not try to run away from my feelings nor did I try to crush them. I wanted to just be, in simplicity and honesty and truth and accept whatever came up.

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