I am not American

I am not American, I am not French nor am I anything you small brains made up to divide and conquer. I am human, just like you and you.

They are no illegal human beings, only illegal governments.

Free you mind and your ass will follow, the kingdom of heaven in within…


2 thoughts on “I am not American

  1. I know it is so hard to hold back with all the bullshit in this world…But I know, you know, that the only key is to love. All we can do is love to make love, make peace to make peace. Deep breaths right…be in sync with breath…I understand your frustrations to the best understanding I have of them 🙂

  2. None of us are free from the obligations, responsibilities, and pleaures associated with being members of this race, Human and only Human. When will we learn this truth?

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