The Facebook dilemma…

I posted a photo, hum…here, let me show you:


Then, the next day, I was flagged and blocked from posting anything else for 24 hours. Here’s the message I posted when I was able to:

Fascinating, the henna photo previously posted by me offended someone and they flaggled it and for that I say go f@ck yourself who ever you are.

This country is interesting, you can go invade a country, kill hundreds of thousands of people but the sight one shaded nipple makes you uncomfortable?

It’s MY wall. If you see something there you don’t like, MOVE ON!But then again, you’ve decided that who I f@ck is your concern, you’ve decided who I marry is your concern, you’ve decided how I procreate is your concern.You know what should be your concern? Your own stupidity. It is alarming and dangerous and I wish I could flag that.

So I’ve decided to hang out here for a while until I can figure out what I’ll do about this Facebook situation.

8 thoughts on “The Facebook dilemma…

  1. Tu as complètement raison JJ, c’est toi qui es dans le vrai!
    Dans une société soi-disant libérale, voire ultra-libérale, on devrait au moins avoir le droit de publier ce qu’on veut sur son mur, dans la limite du correct, comme tu l’as fait.
    Ne change rien surtout, reste comme tu es et ne laisse pas ces gens là (beurk) avoir une quelconque influence sur toi ou sur ton humeur, c’est leur donner trop d’importance!
    Ils ne comprennent rien à l’art, c’est triste pour eux!
    Plein de bisous à toi ❤

  2. l’avantage, c’est que je peux de nouveau voir ce que tu fais et ce que tu deviens, puisque f-bouc, j’ai jamais eu assez confiance pour m’y inscrire 😉
    bises et @ bientôt j’espère.

  3. Hi JeanJoel, we are FB friends, and I tagged your photo and sent it to my friend because I thought the work was so excellent. I did not register any complaint with the FB police. So I hope that my passing along of your photo was not the cause for the complaint, that was the opposite of my intention, but if it was, then I apologize.

    1. lol, that’s quite alright Wes. The photo was flagged by someone. It’s quite alright. I’m getting a better picture of where I stand in face of all this stupidity. 😀

      By the way, you have a great house and pool and I love your sculptures.

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