Sexy Henna…

Some henna I did last night. I’ve played around with some Picasa effects.




17 thoughts on “Sexy Henna…

  1. Superbe comme d’habitude…..Et j’adore aussi les effets sur les photos cela mets en avant le hennΓ© et avec une mΓͺme photo tu nous fait voyager dans des style tout Γ  fait differents.

  2. If I was a straight male bee, I’d be all over that flower! Beautiful work! Where do you find your canvass? J.

    1. Hum…these flowers come and go. I’m the stationary butterfly.
      I guess they like coming around cause I don’t try to hold them and I really enjoy doing my art on them.
      Thanks for the comment. πŸ˜›

  3. looks like my first comment did not show up… loving your work… felt beautiful Goddess healing energy flowing… peace and love!

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