I find it so odd that Americans make such an effort trying to prevent Dandelions from growing. They even call them WEEDS. It’s probably a matter of taste but I find Dandelions more pleasing to look at than those well manicured lawn. It takes such effort to kill the ‘weeds’ just to have an even green ‘carpet’ in front their yards.


All they have to do is just let it go and enjoy the beauty of these lovely flowers. You can even eat them! Can you eat your lawn?!

Anyway, I took those pics in front of my school today. I thought it was a lovely scene…What do you think?


9 thoughts on “Weeds?

  1. Awesome. That was the first thing I saw at school today and it took my breath away. I figured there were so many at the Art Building because all the people there enjoy them and wish upon them, spreading the seed. Fuck grass.

  2. Similar to Queen Anne’s Lace. It’s considered a weed in the US but in the UK is a beloved flower. The taproot is edible since it’s the orignal cultivar of our current carrot species. People get ideas in their heads and don’t like to let go…leaves more pretties for people who do appreciate them… 🙂 Thanks for sharing the photos.

  3. Yes, I agree… and come to think of it… why are weeds so much more resistant to just about anything? That should be a strong hint right there… they have something of value and most folks don’t care to find out…
    Whereas, for the cultivated plants, one has to pamper them and protect them in order to make it: they would just perish if left to their own survival!
    It is the world backwards, if you ask me!
    I don’t like manicured lawns, they are booooring!

    1. Ha! Life is perfect as it is, all we have to do is play and enjoy it…
      I do like perfect lawns as well, I just don’t think it should be the standard nor should it turn into an obsession…

  4. I make it a point to blow as many dandelion seeds into the air as I can every year…besides being fun and pretty, it makes more!

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