Yay! New henna….

Ok, so I just did this cool henna…





10 thoughts on “Yay! New henna….

  1. What do you do on alternate Fridays?
    I like seeing your designs. Do you take your inspiration from nature? Looks like a chambered nautilus in there somewhere. Does anyone ever ask you to write stuff in henna – like poetry all over a body part? I’ve seen tattoos like that but have never been able to read them. If I could read them, I’d probably be standing too close.

    1. I never know what I’ll do until I’m right there in front of the person. Not to sound cheesy and new agey but I get inspired by the person…how they feel, how comfortable they are and their level of joy.
      People have asked me to write stuff…mostly at BBQ’s when I’m hired by this National company. It’s usually stupid stuff, not like the writing from “The Pillow Book”.

  2. Based on what you said, I’m curious to know what energy was being emitted. I feel a great sense of groundedness and a sense of being analytical. If it were me, I would want it higher on my back. It is a really cool design, great job my friend.

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