Henna in the park

So I experienced a beautiful moment with Michelle in the park today. It was such a beautiful day. We were under a tree by the pond. The breeze was perfect and so were the geese and ducks.

There were moments of perfect silent bliss. It’s so rare to be with a woman and have non sexual intimacy. Thank you M.

Here are some pics…

perfect balance
henna by jeanjoel
perfect balance
henna by jeanjoel
Perfect balance
Henna by jeanjoel

5 thoughts on “Henna in the park

  1. i was just thinking of that earlier … the beauty of non-sexual intimacy … so rare between a man and a woman. after being taught that it’s only shared by lovers, or people who long to be lovers – i allowed myself to absorb the purity of it, feeling fully ripe and sensuous without the need to do or be anything other than just that. too often, i think, people overlook intimacy as itself and just equate it to sex … skipping past the moment thinking there’s something they need to follow through on when the moment is actually complete 🙂

    i call this monkey love …
    thank you for being one of the few men i had the honor of sharing this with

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