Gone to India, be back in a few…

Ok, so I’m going to India in about 14 hours. I’ll be gone for 7 weeks. I hope they can fix my back. I’ll be going to an Ayurvedic clinic in Kannur in the state of Kerala

Peace out!


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13 thoughts on “Gone to India, be back in a few…

  1. It was good to see your smiling eyes. I’ll hold a good thought for you and hope you do the same for me. Enjoy your new adventure. Safe travels!

  2. j’aurais bcp aimé t’y accompagner, je rêve de découvrir un jour l’Inde…Mes pensées elles t’accompagneront durant ton voyage. Prends soin de toi, bb, soigne toi bien et enjoy ton aventure indienne…

    1. I will, love. I’m not sure what they’ll do to me. I’m hopping its not surgery. I think i find out tomorrow.

      I’m also writing some of the adventures we’ve had so far. I will post soon. 🙂

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