Burial or Cat Poop

I’ve been thinking about how and why we bury our dead. In all movies and books they show people gathering around a hole in the ground. In this hole lays a corpse. Next to it is a mound of dirt waiting to fill the hole. Once every one gathered around has shown some sort of respect we then fill the hole. As if the main reason why we bury them is to show respect, and love. I think all of these reasons are secondary to our own health and survival.

The original reason was quite simple and more self serving. We simply have to. If not, they will rot, smell bad, carry diseases, and kill us. 

It reminded me of cat poop. Have you ever seen a cat if they smell something bad or they just barfed on your brand new rug. They will smell it and then try to cover it up with dirt or imaginary dirt.

Our dead are this poop that we are trying to cover up instinctively for our own survival. 

By the way, I did the drawing with IPad Pro. I’m still learning how to use it. 🙂

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