A Much needed break.

So Jennifer and I went to Chicago for a much needed one day mini vacation.

We had a great time. We travel well. Maybe it’s because we are easy, lol. We got there in time for breakfast so we went to Cafe Sel Marie. It’s a great place for breakfast and lunch in Lincoln Square.

Then we went to one of my favorite store Merz Apothecary. The wonderful smells tickle your brain as you walk into this old place. The floor to ceiling shelves are full of all sorts of products you would ever need for your hair, skin, teeth and even stomach. Yeah, I had to take a digestive tonic. I ate too much. It tasted like Jaegermeister

We drove to Millenium Park and went to the Shedd Aquarium. We spent a few hours there. It was like another world, an underworld of strange and beautiful creatures. Jenn even touched a huge fish. He seemed to like it. The dolphins were fun to watch. I don’t know if the other guests realized they were trying to mate. It would be nice to have a retractable penis. Hmm, I guess we do, but I mean a fully retractable one where the whole package would slide back in. My favorite were the Beluga whales.


After we checked in the River hotel, we walked to the Christkindl Market to drink some yummy Gluewein. It’s this hot spicy sweet red wine they serve you in this collector’s mini mug. We wormed our way to a tall table where some guy joined us with a plate of beignet looking funnel cakes. It looked so good I had to ask him if I could taste one. He said go ahead. That made Jenn laugh. 🙂

We then made our way to a Thai place when Jenn almost choked to death after eating some  extremely spicy sauce.

Yadiyadiyada (sex was awesome), the next day we walked to the best breakfast we’ve ever had. This place is called Wildberry and pancake cafe. The food was amazing. Everything was made with the freshest ingredients.

We decided we had to walk through Millenium park to digest a bit. We took some pics at Cloud Gate of course.


This was a great mini vacation indeed.


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