I feel like disappearing

I have unfollowed more than 70% of my ‘friends’ on Facebook. I see too many childish remarks about Trump; not enough critique about Obama. I have a difficult time understanding the lack of critical thinking from most of them. Every thing seems to be divided into teams and your team must win at all cost, and of course your team is never wrong.

I voted for neither of these parties. I voted for Jill Stein. I believed in her platform, and yet now that I analyze the ‘teams’ it would seem like the Green party is playing the same game as the other ones. There seem to be an identity associated with belonging to these groups. This identity seems to be more important than solving problems.

As I look at this landscape of confusion, hatred, and chaos it makes me want to disappear. Nature is always a good place for that. I am living for Guadeloupe, my home, for a couple of weeks. Hopefully the ocean, the food and yes, some rum will help.


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