Coral beach

I haven’t been home in a while so my friends brought me to a secluded beach. It is such a lovely intimate quiet place. I spent the whole time looking for beautiful pieces of corals on the shore. 

I took comfort in the sounds of the waves crashing and wind and birds up above. I collected quite a few coral pieces. I am hoping to make jewelry with them. 

The searching and finding of pieces was like a meditation in stillness and peace which I desperately needed. 

I also found pieces of drift wood. I am not sure yet what I will do with them. 

Oh and a natural sponge as well. Nature is amazingly beautiful. 

You can see here the amount of coral piece that is in this beach. 

This is the beach. Stunning, no?

I would use every little time I had to go up there even if it was for thirty minutes. 

As my time here is coming to an end I have mixed feelings about where I am in life. I know the perception of life here is skewed because I am in vacation but I can’t help thinking that this place is paradise, that life is short, and that I need to decide soon where I want to live. 

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