Ok, more about my home.

I cannot help it. It is just too beautiful.

I found a few more pics I want to post here.


This is where I hung out with a cup of coffee chilling and listening to roosters signing and sometimes the rain coming in.



My family owns some property in the mountains. This is the view from the balcony looking down at the river.



My uncle loves to plant stuff. Here are some of his cool plants. I got on the roof to take this shot.



I love these old houses from Pointe-a-Pitre.



This is the view from Fort Fleur d’Epée.



Pointes des Chateaux is the Eastern most tip of the island. There is a giant cross up on that hill and it’s about a 15 minute hike to get there.



Another amazing beach.



The view os the sunset behind my friend’s  house was so cool. I could look at this for the rest of my life.



This is the house I stayed in.



This is another beach called Raisin Clair. The restaurant there had the BEST cunch!

I have flash backs throughout the day. I feel I am still there sometimes.


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7 thoughts on “Ok, more about my home.

      1. Pas en ce moment, mais par contre j’ai un amis qui s’occupe de ventes immobilières. Donc dis moi ce que tu cherche dans quel budget, dans quel partie de l’île et je lui demande de me prévenir si un bien correspond 👍😉

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