Weird day, weird life.

I have thought about ending life many times but lately the feeling is getting stronger. I just don’t see the purpose of all of this crap. We is absolutely no point to this existence. Greed has made man a demon and he is destroying everything that is worth a damn. Everyone is nicely settled in their own bubble.

Usually I think of doing art when I feel like this. Even that didn’t bring me any sense of purpose or fulfillment. I guess we just wake up, do some stuff and then go to sleep.

Most people in this country are blind to what the filthy rich are doing in their name around the world and domestically as well…or maybe they just don’t care. I don’t know. It makes me think of the movie The Matrix. They are plugged into this matrix that tells them what to see, think, feel. Americans have been brainwashed. It is sad because their are many great people here.

It is possible the food plays a great part. I don’t know.

Oh well, that’s all folks.

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One thought on “Weird day, weird life.

  1. You are a very talented gifted artist. I am sitting here looking at a painting of yours that I bought a few years ago. What your write about hurts my heart. There would be so many people who would miss you and your amazing talents if you took your life. I have lost friends to suicide and have been at their memorial services and having to look at their parents, children or spouses.. I felt so heartbroken for them. This world is not perfect and there is a lot of greed in the world, but there is also people who care about others who have less than they do and they willing to help others. I am hoping that these feelings you having will pass, but if not perhaps you need to talk to someone professionally that will listen and understand. Hugs my friend.

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