Back to Goa, and Delhi (2018)

So we are going back to Goa for some Ayurvedic treatments and Delhi for some shopping. I will try to post everyday here, depending on a Wifi signal.

This was last year (2017) in Mandrem Goa on the rooftop of the hotel.

So I obviously didn’t post everyday. I took the opportunity to completely chill and let go of all this non sense; unplug if you will.

We ate on the other roof top this time and I liked it better. The cement rooftop floor was covered with natural woven mats that felt like silk when I walked barefoot on it. There was always this fresh breeze flowing, especially in the early mornings. I would go there before most of the group was awake.

Once, when I was sitting up there, I heard an unusual sound. I turned around and there was this beautiful big bright yellow and black bird. He flew away as soon as I turned around. His or her call was very distinct and several days after I would mimic the call and the bird would show up. Generally it would take about five minutes. This bird was so fascinated by me and I of him. He would fly all around the building as I kept calling him. The second day, he brought a companion with the same colors. This one kept his distance. I wondered what he had said to his companion. Dude, you’ll never believe this! I saw this giant walking bird on the roof and he sounds just like us! Come and see!


I love not wearing shoes.


I don’t like wearing pants either. I just wore a Sarong everyday and I kept wearing one even when I came back to the U.S. The midwest, St. Louis, isn’t used seeing a man in a ‘skirt’. I no longer care what they think but I do forget, until I see the look on their faces, that I’m doing something that seems unusual for them. Although…I have been getting some interesting looks from the girls. lol.


I spent most of my time upstairs. My Ayurvedic treatments were at 8am so I’d have the rest of the day to get lost in my head.


It was the beginning of the Monsoon season and it would rain once in the while. I love the rain. Look how the plants are happy. I feel the rain washes all away and calms the energies down. At least it does for me.


Amanda and Lane having a thumbwar? whatever you call that while getting their dead feet skin eaten by hundreds of fish. This was in Baga. We also went to Calengute. I ate some of the best Momos there and bought some jewelry from Tibetans.


It was such a great trip but I don’t know if we will go back to Goa next year. I have been playing around with going North to Dharamsala. We shall see.


N a m a s t e

Thank you for reading.

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