So, so much has happened, and it’s all good. 🙂

I finally deleted Facebook again, for the third time. I was slightly pressured by the gallery and my old school to get back on it to promote my art show.

I found out that I don’t think I can relate with much of the new ways of our society anymore. I lost a third of my ‘friends’, not only fb friends but actual people that I know because I posted something I thought was self-evident and also a little funny. It all started when I saw on IG a post on a group yoga, the following: ‘What if I’m a woman, and what if I have my period?’. The moderator replied that she could just wear a tampon or pad. How can you have survived so far without knowing what to when you have your period is beyond me.

So, to be a smarty-pants I posted underneath: Chances are if you have your period, you’re probably a woman. I thought it was funny, so much so that I took a screen-grab and posted it on Fb with the caption ‘I’m an ass, right?’

Well the whole trans and ally community fell upon me, lol. They all attacked me. My fundamental point was that unless you had a uterus you can’t have your periods. It’s biological. I guess I hit such a nerve that they all refused to hear any argument until I would say I was wrong. Someone even told me that with hormones a trans-man can stop their period, to which I said yes but the opposite isn’t possible. No amount of hormones can make a trans-woman have periods.

Anyway it could have been an interesting conversation if we could have talked about gender vs sex vs perception, etc…but that didn’t happen. Many people made a speech-comment how I was a trans-phobic asshole and then deleted me without hearing my answer.

Here is the hypocrisy. One trans-girl posted that if she ever saw me on the street she would beat my face in and hoped that I would die painfully in a burning house. If all my ‘friends’ believed in fairness and justice, wouldn’t they condemn her comments? She threatened me. She later used her three accounts to post on at least 10 of my other post, not related to the argument, that I was a transphobic asshole. Lol.

I asked her to stop threatening me, she continued, so I told her if she didn’t stop I would report her to the police. She called me a boot-licker. Hahaha.

I realize now, sadly, that it is no longer about logic, discussions, or thinking. It’s about teams and sides. Your team is right, the other is wrong…always.

I am not interesting in being part of this kind of society.

So I withdrew from Fb. I was going to delete IG as well but IG is more about photos so I kept it…so far. 🙂

Life is beautiful in its simplicity. My veggie garden is growing all the time. I commune with nature all the time. It is my truth, my connection with the source. It is what’s real for me.

I am not fighting any one person, system, government, or ideology. I have started however a revolution by turning away from those, and that which doesn’t feed my soul in a deep way. It is my guide. I don’t know where this path leads, but not knowing is half the fun. 🙂

I will keep doing art, and post more work here soon.

Thanks for playing. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Anyway…

    1. WOW! I must have missed that whole post on your facebook. Geez.. I don’t blame you for deleting your account. Some people are just so mean on social media.

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