Hopeless love.

I’d like to meet someone who is interested in me; someone who is curious about me.

My first girlfriend who died recently was so. She loved hearing about my life with its ups and downs, and was genuinely excited when I found a mate.

I think I took that for granted, and was often annoyed when she wanted more details when I only answered in brief sentences.

It is possible it was to distract her of the cancer that was slowly killing her. No, not entirely, she was like this even earlier in time.

She stayed radiant like the sun in the face of adversity; at least that’s the side she showed me.

Is there any passion left in the world, or is everyone solely focusing on their ‘path’, ‘truth’, and future? Some of you will think this is good thing; i dont.

In this new world of instant gratification people are discarded as easily as a left-swipe, and have as much space in their heart as in their software bloated cheap phone drives.

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3 thoughts on “Hopeless love.

  1. Yes, there is hope, love and passion. Sometimes, one really consciously needs to step out of there side of forest…to reach the places of happiness. May be her departure reminds you of it. This need is a calling, follow it and you never know.

    1. I’ve had a more real connection with a regular person anywhere in India than most of my relationships. You know why? Curiosity. Indians are genuinely curious about you. Ok, some would call it being nosy. Lol.

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