that's me!
that's me!

Hello world! Jeanjoel here. I’m an artist painter and a henna tattoo artist among other things.

I was born in Guadeloupe, the French West Indies from an Italian father and a Creole mom. I’ve lived in many different countries such as Bolivia, Saint Martin, Itaty, France, just to name a few. I live in the United States now and I love it. It truly is an amazing country.

Life is…something none of us really understand. Of course we all have theories of what it’s all about but none of us really know.

All I’ve found so far is to enjoy the small things. I find comfort in Nature which is all things and non-things.

I find it weird that men tends to separate himself from Nature…I think it’s impossible. We come from Nature, thus everything we do or think is from Nature as well…including death.

Sex and death are the most basic things but somehow these are the two things this society has decided to ignore or cover it with ‘pretty’ pictures and concepts…

I love to think and exchange ideas. I’m always fascinated by human interactions and waves of consciousness throughout the world.

I don’t think there will ever be peace on earth, what I mean is that there will be times of peace but war will never be completely eradicated because destruction is part of Nature…


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, Jean Joel! This is Inna & Ilya, your neighbours in Ishan hotel, Rishikesh. We did want to say good bye, but you were asleep when we came back, so… (
    You can add us on Facebook: Inches Hoolygun & Daruma Taiso. We hope you and your mum are doing well 🙂 Cheers!))

    1. Hello Inna and Ilya. It was great meeting you. I’m in Rishikesh now. I canceled my facebook account :). Maybe I start another one and find you guys.

  2. Hi Jeanjoel, good to know you are seeming happy. Hope all is very good for you and maybe talk to you through here or other ways. Miss you! Lisa Wilson

  3. Bonjour JeanJoel c est ta cousine Gloriana Spatafora. Peux tu entrer en contact avec mio s il te plait?

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