Strange clouds…

Interesting negative shape...


really freaky dream

All I remember is that we ( my mom, my cousin Dimitri, his mom(?) I think, and some other people) are walking. We have to get to this place. At one point Dimitri's mother (but it wasn't his mother, it was a much older woman) somehow was in this well. My mom leans over to... Continue Reading →


I had a nice dream last night. I was at this big fancy party with rich guests. There was a big pool in the middle of the area and the guests where mingling when my (live) mom arrived with my (death) step father. They walked up to the hot tub. I looked down at the... Continue Reading →

Cool landings

So the real estate guy is showing me the apartment. The master bed and bath are HUGE. It's a good start, but there's a older white dude in the bath and he had his clothes on. We move on to the other bedrooms. The hall way to the next room is so narrow that you'd... Continue Reading →

Beautiful dream

I go to Alain's house [Caprice]. It looks like a bungaloo. I walk in and hang around for a while. We're supposed to go out somewhere, I'm waiting for him to get ready. I walk down the hall where I hear some noise. I go to the window and I look down at this amazing... Continue Reading →

Another dream

Alain [Fiston] is driving the car. Dominique, Kian and I are in it. We get to a point where there will be traffic. I don't know this place. It's completely foreign to me. We take a detour on the left. Kian and I get out to find out, on foot, if there is another way.... Continue Reading →

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