Off to Varanasi…again

It is surreal to be out of saint Louis. The sounds and images bombarding my brain are confusing at times. I forget how quickly one gets used to his surroundings and think that this is the whole world.
I love thinking and dreaming but nothing compares to actually physically moving your ass somewhere else.

I’m at Newark airport with friends on the way to Delhi, and then Varanasi. These are cities in India. India is a country that the people of a small island called England invaded a while back.
They left eventually because of this one man that managed to outwit them by beating them at their own game.

Newark isn’t that bad. I guess I was expecting worse since my mom complained after she had to take a bus to go from one terminal to the next.

I’m sitting at a very modern cafĂ© where you can charge your phone, order a plethora of food and drinks and even pay from a touch screen in front of me.

I had a dessert and coffee.


The next leg of the trip will last 14 hours. Yikes.

That’s all for now.
Will write later.


We arrived in Varanasi and stayed at Ganpati guest house. It is a beautiful place right on the Ganges river.



Once in a while I like to meditate, not as a verb or action. I like to just sit and let it all be. It’s so interesting to see how much we want to control, how much we feel we don’t.
I like to release my grasp on what I think is important, and let my true nature express itself.
Meditation for me is an act of abandonment.
Meditation is see clearly that there really is nothing to do.
My biggest source of joy is to not try to be happy. It’s so painful when you believe you have to be happy.
Meditation is to tune in.
There is but one, with no parts.