Nickel silver.

I've started working with nickel silver. Here's what I have. All handmade by me with love.


New blog for jewelry

So I have decided to create another blog uniquely for my jewelry stuff. I call my style Primitive Elegance. The domain name is already taken. Boohoo! The worst part is that the person also does jewelry. Lol. I looked in vain for a contact info to see if he would sell it. Here is the... Continue Reading →

Knife for my uncle

So I'm going back home to Guadeloupe pretty soon, and I've decided to make a knife for my uncle. This is the first time I make a knife like this, and the second time a make a knife altogether.

A ring and two pendant/earring?

So I made myself a ring. I also made two hanging something. They were originally supposed to be earrings but some thought they were pendants so I'm not sure. You decide!

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