Latest sculpture (clay)


My Drum project

so I've been building a drum from scratch and I love it. I've had to learn how to weld, carve, fabricate, forge steel, etc.. I tightened it up today and it sounds great. I used goat skin on top. At first I used natural rope for the 'keys' but it broke so i had to... Continue Reading →


So the teacher threw us a challenge: Make two beads using solder and texture. Here's what I did. I hope you enjoy...

More clay sculpting

So, this is from a 2.5 hour session. This time I decided to do the eyes Modigliani style... So people said it's scary...I don't think so but hey, to each his own.

More copper pieces…

I'm really enjoying making these 'spoons'. They are so intimate and tactile. Copper is a very sensual metal. I like the raw look that my work has, almost primitive. Let me know your thoughts. I like thoughts. Oh, and I love my teacher Peg Fetter.

Clay sculpture…Stephanie

So I'm taking this sculpture class at Fontbonne University and I like it. It's really challenging. The teacher, Hank Knickmeier, is a blacksmith and provides a wealth of knowledge if you're so inclined to listen. This is my first sculpture class, thus my first head. Here are some pics, I hope you enjoy.

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